Thursday, January 28, 2010

Palace Of Dust Sampler

Dear Friends,
I have been working for the past few months on my first legit full length album. Taking around 28 credit hours at school has somewhat slowed down this process, but I hope to have it finished this summer. Here is a few of the songs that will be featured on it. I hope you enjoy them.

Download link:

Track list:
1. Darkness
2. Eyes From Heaven
3. Moonraker



Jill said...

andrew! i'm so sincerely impressed with all the work you've been doing! it's incredible. i hope you make it out to new york sometime soon! and i hope everything continues to go well.

cboullon said...

great great stuff!!!!
Can't wait to hear more from your sounds!!!

gunderscores said...

Wow, well done! I'm downloading it now but I'm sure it will be good :)